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The Bridgehampton Youth Tennis Project was initiated in fall of 2016 to introduce tennis to kids from low income families in the community, who might not otherwise have the opportunity to learn the sport. I love the sport for all it’s given me throughout my life, and I believe that sharing my passion with others may provide them with some of the many same advantages.
To achieve this goal, I raised $52,000 to build a Youth Tennis court at the Bridgehampton Child Care & Recreational Center (BHCCRC).  I oversaw the entire process, starting with soliciting bids from construction companies to completion of the court and a formal ribbon cutting ceremony in June 2016.  I also designed and implemented an eight week summer program which offers free instruction to the 5-8 year olds at the BHCCRC.  I’ve encountered tremendous support from the community, and am currently working on expanding the network of friends and coaches in order to ensure the program’s future success.


Hi, I'm Jack. Right now I'm 17 years old and live in Sagaponack, New York. I attended Pierson Middle/High School from grades 6-9, and am now a junior at The Hotchkiss School. I started this program in the fall of my 8th grade year, and I hope to continue growing it for many years to come.

I started playing competitively at the age of nine, and I play almost every day.  At home, I train at the Ross School Tennis Academy in East Hampton, NY.  I try to compete regularly in USTA tournaments across the eastern section. In seventh, eighth and ninth grade, I played singles for the East Hampton High School varsity tennis team.  We were league champs in 2015 and 2016, and tied for first place in 2017.  I am currently a junior at The Hotchkiss School in Lakeville, CT where I play third singles for the varsity team. I strongly believe that playing tennis my whole life has done much more for me than simply build my fitness and ability.  Playing tennis has increased my commitment, mental endurance, self confidence and ability to perform under difficult circumstances in all aspects of my life. I would not be the motivated student that I am today without it.  But most importantly, playing tennis has introduced me to the people who are today my best friends.  These relationships would not exist if I had never picked up a racquet for the first time.

About Youth Tennis.

Youth Tennis is a modified version of tennis specifically designed for younger and smaller children.  Taught worldwide, it is the USTA’s approved method of learning for kids under 10 years of age.  For Youth Tennis, kids play on shorter courts with lower nets, smaller racquets and slower-moving, lower-bouncing balls.  This format addresses one of the most intimidating scenarios for young children learning to play tennis; playing on adult-sized courts with the same oversized and unwieldy equipment that their parents use, and using the same complicated scoring system.  This combination can cause children to lose interest without ever really playing and experiencing the game, much less learning the skills necessary to succeed.  With Youth Tennis, kids play tennis made just for them, so that they have a great time and want to keep playing and improving.


The BYTP's success in its first two summers would not have been possible without the help of our fellow coaches and volunteers. These players are not only passionate coaches and highly competitive tennis players on the court, but great individuals as well. Each coach became USTA certified at teaching Youth Tennis by completing a series of online courses and on-court workshops.

  • Freddie Bristowe (Since 2018)



    I am 16 years old and have been playing tennis since the age 6. I started at the John McEnroe Tennis Academy in New York. I now go to high school in England where I play 1st pair for our tennis team. I play in as many USTA tournaments as I can when I’m in the US. Tennis is my favorite sport and I love teaching my passion to all ages, especially kids.

  • Chris Kotite (Since 2016)

    USTA certified Youth Tennis Coach, Senior Coach, Founding Member

    I am 18 years old and live in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  I have been playing tennis since the age of 2.  I am a senior at Pine Crest School and have been playing singles on the high school varsity team since 8th grade.  Last year, we won districts and lost by one match to the ultimate state champions in regionals.  I am a nationally ranked USTA player and regularly compete in Florida, national and ITF tournaments.  I train at the Saviano High Performance Academy.

    I am very passionate about tennis and I love teaching it to young kids.  I’m an experienced coach, having instructed 4-10 year olds at the Ross School for the past 3 years.  I’m excited about introducing the young ones at the BHCCRC to tennis and sharing the life lessons of hard work, good sportsmanship and self confidence that tennis has taught me.  The inaugural year of the BYTP was a great success and extremely gratifying.  I’m looking forward to many more years to come.

  • Taylor Thomas (2016)


    I live in Watermill, New York and I’m 13 years old.  I started playing tennis when I was 9 and have enjoyed learning the game.  I am very competitive and care a lot about tennis.  I go to Ross School and have attended their tennis academy since 4th grade.  I play USTA tournaments in the eastern section.  I like to play tournaments because I enjoy the competition and I also think it is a good learning experience.  Tennis is my favorite sport.  My favorite stroke is the forehand and the serve.  I enjoy working with kids and spending time with them.

  • Alexander Nielsen (Since 2016)

    USTA certified Youth Tennis Coach

    I am a senior at Collegiate School in Manhattan and captain of the Varsity Tennis Team.  I compete in USTA tournaments and recently played Kalamazoo Nationals.  I love tennis and feel this program is a great way for us to positively influence younger kids’ relationship with the sport.

  • Ravi MacGurn (Since 2016)

    USTA certified Youth Tennis Coach, Founding Member

    I attended elementary school in Amagansett, East Hampton Middle School and am now a senior at East Hampton High School.   I enjoy teaching sports to younger kids and I did it for several summers at a sleepaway camp in Vermont. I have been playing singles on the EHHS varsity tennis team since 7th grade. We have been league champions for the past 4 years.  My brother and I taught tennis after school to the elementary students at Project Most in East Hampton and I continue to help with that program in the summer and during the school year.

  • Luke Louchheim (Since 2016)

    USTA certified Youth Tennis Coach

    I am a freshman at Sag Harbor High School, and I have been playing tennis for most of my life.  In 2013, I ranked #1 in the Eastern Section for 10+ under.  I play varsity tennis for East Hampton High School.  We’ve been league champs both years, and I was an “all county” player my eighth grade year.   I had fun teaching the little kids how to play tennis last summer, and I look forward to seeing their growth in the years ahead!

  • Rebecca Kuperschmid (Since 2016)

    USTA certified Youth Tennis Coach, Fundraising Committee, Graphic Design, Founding Member

    I am 16 years old and live in East Hampton, New York.  I am an active tennis player who has been playing my whole life. I have played varsity singles for East Hampton High School for the past five years, and was honored to have been selected as team captain and awarded All-County and All-League recognition.  I am a multi-sport athlete who loves the character building and discipline of athletics. It has been a privilege and pleasure to teach the great kids of BHYTP tennis.

  • Carolyn Brodsky (Since 2018)

    I am 15 years old and I am a sophomore at Riverdale Country School in the Bronx, New York, where I play number one for the Varsity Tennis Team. I have been playing tennis since I was four years old and I love the sport so much! I hope I am able to transfer my love for tennis to all of the amazing kids at BHCCRC!

  • Ally Friedman (Since 2016)

    USTA certified Youth Tennis Coach, Fundraising Committee, Founding Member

    I am 14 years old and live in East Hampton.  I go to Ross School, and also train at the Ross Tennis Academy.  My favorite subject in school is science.  I compete in USTA tournaments 2-3 times per month.  I am a very serious player.

  • Ryan Glanville (Since 2016)

    USTA certified Youth Tennis Coach

    Ryan’s a junior at the Brunswick School in Greenwich CT.  An avid reader, he enjoys science, history, math and French while playing varsity tennis and soccer for the school.  Ryan has four younger siblings (two brothers, two sisters), so life is never boring around home.  Ryan is adventurous and loves to travel.

  • Dylan Green (Since 2016)

    USTA certified Youth Tennis Coach

    I am from Palm Beach, Florida.  I am 16 years old and I have been playing tennis since I was 3 years old.  As a high school freshman (currently a senior) this year, I played tennis for Oxbridge Academy and I went to States with my doubles partner.

  • Zoe Kava (Since 2016)

    USTA certified Youth Tennis Coach

    Hi! I am a freshman at the Fieldston School in New York City where I play first singles on my high school varsity team. I love to play tennis and have been playing since I was 4 years old. I have been playing competitively in USTA tournaments in the Eastern section since I was 9 years old. I traveled this past June and July to California as part of a tennis program where I competed in a number of tournaments in the California section including National Showcase Tournaments. I loved coaching and sharing my love of tennis with the younger kids at the Bridgehampton Youth Tennis Center this past summer and am excited to coach again next summer.

  • Aidan Dove (Since 2018)


    I’m captain of the varsity tennis team at The Hotchkiss School in CT, where I am currently a junior.

  • Nicholas Murphy (Since 2017)


  • Luca Demare (Since 2017)


    Since 2017

  • Caroline Kotite (Since 2018)


  • Paolo Christie Schrank (Since 2018)


  • Marcus Demare (Since 2018)




Executive Director, Bonnie Michele Cannon and Jack Louchheim

Sticker-4X4_07The Bridgehampton Child Care & Recreational Center was born out of tragedy in 1949 when a fire killed two children in a local migrant camp while their parents were working the fields. Located on the Sag Harbor Turnpike, the BHCCRC is a not for profit 501(c)3 that provides a wide variety of academic, recreational and extracurricular afterschool activities for children of low income families from the surrounding community.

The BHCCRC also offers a low cost, eight week summer program for 80 kids aged 5-12.  In the past, tennis was taught at a nearby park, on standard sized 78′ courts.  Bringing Youth Tennis to the BHCCRC not only makes it unnecessary for the program’s youngest children to be bussed off premises with the older kids, but also it allows them to learn on a court and with equipment that is sized appropriately for them.

The center’s Executive Director, Bonnie Michelle Cannon, and Board of Directors have been enthusiastic supporters of this project.

For more information on the BHCCRC, please visit their website at


Fundraising .

Thanks to our friends, families and various local businesses and community foundations, the BYTP met and exceeded its original fundraising goal of $50,000 in less than six months.  Funds raised were used for court construction, fencing, equipment, coaching seminars, and daily program expenses.
If you would like to help ensure that the Bridgehampton Youth Tennis Project continues for many years to come, please make a tax-deductible contribution today!

Mail your TAX-DEDUCTIBLE donation to
Bridgehampton Child Care & Recreational Center
P.O. Box 1197
Bridgehampton, NY, 11932

Please make sure to note “Youth Tennis Project” in the memo space!


Please continue to support my Youth Tennis Project by making a tax-deductible donation today!


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Bridgehampton Child Care & Recreational Center
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Please make sure to note “Youth Tennis Project” in the memo space!


Donor Wall

Thank you to all of our wonderful donors!

Annacone Tennis Management • Arias Tennis Corp. • Carter Adrian • Emily & Raj Alva • William Beeton & Company • Michael Benincasa, Building Inspector, Town of Southampton • Roger Blaugh • Meghan Boody • Julie & Barry Browning • Bonnie Michelle Cannon • Citarella • Barbara & Steve Clarke • Cupcakes by Michael • Mark Davis • Laura & Jim Demare • DePetris Liquor • Natalie & Peter Derby • Antonia & Evan Dipaolo • Idoline & Biddle Duke • East Hampton Indoor Tennis • Fisher Signs & Shirts • Stacy & Alec French • Anonymous • Anonymous • Ally Friedman • Kris & Barnaby Friedman • Goldberg’s Bagels • Cynthia Sulzberger & Steven Green • Hampton Chutney Co. • Dr. Louise Collins & Harry Hackett III • Jane & Chris Husband • Lisa & Alan Kava • Marci Klein • Nancy & Sony Kotite • David Lavallee • Liberty Landscaping • Jackie Lowey & David Kuperschmid • Jennifer & Marc Lipschultz • Carol & Hal Louchheim • Akemi & David Louchheim • Pingree & Donald Louchheim • Linda & Jeff Louchheim • The Lowey Foundation • Cornelia Marakovitz • Christina & Nick Martin • Carey & John Millard • Jane & Alden Millard • Mary Anne Miller • Wendy Nelson • The Neubert Family • Maria & Lars Nielsen • Carolyn & Jerry Ouderkirk • Catherine & Alan Osborne • Gustavo Lopez Padilla, USTA Eastern • Justice Phillips • Robert Rahr • Kathy Reis • Andrew Reyniak • Wendy & Duncan Riefler • Ross Tennis Academy • Rotary Club of East Hampton • Andrew Sabin Family Foundation • Sag Harbor Variety Store • Saskas Surveying Company, P.C. • Saunders & Associates • Jay Schneiderman, Supervisor Town of Southampton • Molly Sheppard • Anonymous • Luke Pablo Stevenson & Maxime Dudley Stevenson • Stevenson’s Toy Store • Anonymous • Jessica Louchheim & Bruce Templeton • Tennis East • Thayer’s Hardware Store • S. Pope Babcock Foundation • Taylor Thomas • Genie & Jamie Egerton-Warburton • Lauren Thayer & Dr. Elliot Weiss • Ty Wenzel • Ashley & Fred Weymouth • Suzanne & Ravi Yadav • Hal Zwick

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If you have additional questions about this project or would like to help in any way, I would love to hear from you.

Jack Louchheim
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